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An original partnership approach

Cultural patronage is a simple act. It is rewarding for your company and it allows the completion of varied, creative and innovative projects. Here is an introduction to how this type of patronage works.

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Christophe Allonier, head of the external funding and patronage department, City of Le Havre

By phone at +33(0)2 35 19 48 31 or by mail

Cécile Condoret, administration and finance manager

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How does it work ?

There are several types of patronage.

In practical terms, it consists of cash, skills, or « in-kind » donations to support a particular institution or a mission of general interest.

In the context of financial patronage, the company is financially involved in the implementation of projects.

In the context of skill-based patronage, companies will occasionally share the expertise of one or more of their employees at the service of a specific project. This type of patronage requires in-depth reflection on what the company can bring to the project. It is also a great human adventure.

Finally, in-kind patronage consists of providing equipment, facilities, or by donating goods.

Why become a patron ?

Cultural patronage is a simple act.

Cultural patronage does not necessarily require considerable resources to have a real and positive impact on the implentation of cultural projects. Cultural patronage rewards companies with the contentment of being part of a specific project: exhibition, event, restoration of collections, implementation of an educational garden,...

Le Havre Museum of Natural History is involved in a genuine dynamic process by proposing recreational and interactive projects every year, to help the visitors discover and comprehend the treasures of nature, embracing fauna, flaura and minerals. The Museum's actions are aimed at a wide audience and particularly appeal to families and children.

The Museum is also involved in the preservation and restoration of mineralogy, zoology, palaeontology, and prehistoric collections, as well as African and Oceanian artifacts, 19th century herbariums, and a vast collection of illustrations by Charles-Alexandre Lesueur (1778-1846), a naturalist-traveller from Le Havre : an incredible heritage to discover.

Museum patrons support the dynamism of a lively and open institution.

It is also an opportunity for a company, its collaborators and clients to have privileged access to the Museum's collections and exhibitions.

3 questions to...

Didier LASSARAT, manager

Since 2013, the Vent d'Ouest hotel has backed the Museum in all its projects. They have welcomed Museum partners, lecturers, scientists and artists during their stay in Le Havre with the friendliness and professionalism for which they are renowned.

Vent d'Ouest supports many cultural projects in the Le Havre area. Why are you so heavily involved ?

As an independent hotel established in Le Havre, we are delighted to offer our humble support to associations and institutions that need support and we feel close to. We are committed topromoting the good imageof our city by offering a welcoming, high-standard and unforgettable accommodation. Supporting these projects which spread the good reputation of the city is a natural extension of our corporate vision.

For what reasons did you choose to support the Museum of Natural History ?

By personal choice ! Le Havre Museum of Natural History is an amazing place, where we can learn a lot on our origins and the world in which we live. There are always treasures to discover. Besides a port city like Le Havre is resolutely open to the world. It is a city from which many explorations departed. We believe a Museum is in its rightful place here. And finally, we are about to be neighbours because we are opening a restaurant in the facilities of the old Jean Macé school. We are truly delighted to support the Museum !

In your opinion, what are the benefits of such an action to your company ?

To be able to get away from commercial concerns and contribute to non-commercial projects is very rewarding to a company. Especially when the project takes an important place in the life of the company and all its employees.

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