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Are you curious about nature and science ?

In this section, you will find a selection of the Museum's favourite sites, in Le Havre and its surroundings... Environment, nature, biodiversity, fauna, flora, and scientific culture are in the limelight !

Get ready to discover them !

CERZA – Lisieux Zoological Park

With over 300,000 visitors per year, CERZA Zoological Park is the leading leisure park in Normandy. Situated near Lisieux, in the heart of the Pays d'Auge, it is one of the most beautiful zoological parks in France.

Over 1,000 wild animals live peacefully in semi-liberty on the 60 hectares of woodlands and hills of the park: 120 species from the five continents can be observed under natural conditions thanks to unique devices.

CERZA focuses on the reproduction and breeding of endangered species. This modern zoo develops a new zoological approach, focusing on animal welfare.

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The Hanging Gardens – Le Havre

This 17 hectares site dominates the Seine bay and provides wonderful views of the sea and the harbour. Enter the site through the main gate, start your stroll by the upper promenade and discover the four bastions, each one dedicated to the discoveries of great explorer-botanists. The greenhouses are full of treasures: fragrant and aromatic plants from all over the world, orchids, begonias, succulents...

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Biotropica - Val de Reuil

Biotropica is a zoological greenhouse where you will be plunged into the heart of the rainforest. This 64,000 square feet tropical greenhouse is populated by many animals with surprising manners. Hear the marmosets scream and the dendrobates sing while rainbow lorikeets and panga fish will come and play with you. Further away, the greenhouse and its lush vegetation gives way to a mangrove, where you will see otters and piranhas. Last but not least, a pond will let you discover some of the most noble predators in the world: the alligators...

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Naturospace : a unique butterfly glasshouse

For most of us, butterflies epitomise the pastoral image of the countryside in summer, an image in which reality and fantasy mingle. Their gracefulness, their seeming carefree attitude and their glorious colours make these creatures the ambassadors of the animal kingdom. Tropical butterflies are undoubtedly the largest, most colourful, and most peculiar of all, as is the incredible variety of natural environments the regions they originate from present. Settled in Honfleur, the Naturospace Butterfly House provides insights into the unsuspected beauty of the life cycle these winged masterpieces are the final stage of.

Beyond their undeniable aesthetic quality, the observation of tropical butterflies draws us into an extremely interesting and largely unknown realm: that of the tropics. On that matter, the Naturospace Butterfly House will astound you beyond your imagination. As soon as you enter the tropical forest area, the damp equatorial climate takes you by surprise. Then the variety of plants, their shapes, their lushness, carries you very far away, beyond the seas. And the discovery does not end there since around the corner of the footpath lie many reasons to be surprised and amazed.

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La Maison de l'Estuaire - Le Havre

La Maison de l'Estuaire is an association founded in 1992. Its role is to mediate between all the users and actors of the estuary. It is also the administrator of the National Nature Reserve of the Seine estuary.

The National Nature Reserve of the Seine estuary is an encounter between sea and land, a source of life and diversity, a space where air, water and land are always in motion... The unique landscapes of the Seine estuary make it the ideal place to reconnect with nature.

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